Our Approach

We fish hard.  We will work tirelessly to find you fish.  That said, sometimes the fish don't want to cooperate.  On those rare occasions it happens, we want you to walk off the boat knowing we did our best and you still enjoyed the trip despite the outcome.  To that end, we will always strive to present you a clean, safe atmosphere where you can enjoy being with your friends & family, eat some great meals and refresh from being unplugged and on the ocean.


SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY!  Tomahawk is a United States Coast Guard inspected vessel.  She is cleaned and maintained to ownerships high standards.    We take great pride in attending to the structural elements, numerous systems and procedures that are vital to the reliability and safety of the vessel.  You can simply focus on enjoying your fishing vacation in a safe, clean and organized environment.

Exceptional Dining

The galley is where extra attention is paid to set ourselves apart from the local fleet.  Our galley crew has culinary school training and/or hands-on experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the finest chefs and master chefs in 4-star and 5-star restaurants.  We will keep your appetites satisfied with delicious and creative meals and snacks prepared with high quality and fresh ingredients.  And the beer will be ICE COLD!

Experienced/Helpful Crew

Whether young or in your golden years, experienced or first-time angler, our hard-working crew is on the ready for you.  They will share information and teach techniques learned over their decades of combined experience that is guaranteed to help you hook and land more fish. 

We strive to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere for each customer.  Questions or concerns?  Ask a crew-member...we are here for you.